FPJS fingerprint PRO

99.5% identification accuracy

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Fraud detection API for your business

e-commerce & retail
E-commerce & Retail

Every fraudulent order is money directly out of your pocket. With our best in class tools you can stop malicious users before they cost you real money.

news & content
News & Content

Users know how to evade your paywalls with incognito windows. Make sure that users pay a fair price for your content on your site.

payment processing
Payment Processing

Confirm that every payment you collect is real and not an advanced bot using multiple techniques to evade detection.


Catch users trying to break your system via multiple accounts, devices, and IP addresses to unjustly enrich themselves.

travel & entertainment
Travel & Entertainment

We can help you confirm that every ticket sale is legitimate. Prevent bots from scraping your prices.

custom solutions

We can build a custom solution that works for your industry.
Contact us to learn how.

We understand the challenges you're facing

Fraud is more advanced than ever
The old tools to catch fraudulent users are not good enough anymore. You have to stay up to date to fight the latest evasion techniques. We continuously research new methods to keep you safe.
Cookies are not enough
Everyone on the internet knows how to clear their cookies these days. You need a tracking method that survives clearing cookies. With our fingerprint + machine learning we can help you identify bad users across browsing sessions, incognito windows or clearing cookies.
Bots are harder to detect
Today's bots look like real users. There is bot software out there that runs full browsers to look just like real visitors. Every year they get more advanced. We can help you detect whether any of your visitors is a suspected bot and then you can have them prove they are humans.
Incognito detection is unreliable
Users know that they can avoid paywalls by opening incognito windows. We can work with you to craft custom paywalls combining a unique, fingerprint driven trial period. This means you don't need to block all incognito browsers but can actually show more trial content and get more paying customers in the end.

What we offer

We offer a complete solution to your user identification problems.

Our team will be there with you from the initial contact, collecting requirements, implementing a custom solution, and delivering the software that you need to identify suspicious users that are trying to take advantage of you.

With our software you can truly understand your website visitors, get a clear view of your traffic, including incognito sessions.

Use our tools to automate your fraud-detection processes. Get instant answers about any visitor. Measure how many visitors are using incognito or how many are bots.

Receive notifications about suspicious activity on your website.

Contact us to learn how FPJS PRO can help your business.

FPJS PRO can...

fingerprint Browser fingerprinting

generate the highest entropy browser fingerprint on the market.

group_add Anonymous user identification

track bad users even when they try to stay anonymous.

router Bot detection

detect JavaScript bots.

device_unknown Incognito mode detection

track users across incognito browsing sessions with the newest methods.

location_on Geolocation

determine where your users are located.

developer_mode API & Webhook

send you data directly to drive automated workflows.



$99 / mo

  • 100k identifications included
  • 100k API calls
  • 30 day visit history
  • Email support


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  • Unlimited identifications
  • Unlimited API calls
  • Unlimited visit history
  • 24/7 dedicated support